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Corellis Innovate

Corellis Innovate is our support proposal for anyone involved in innovation in the company: supervisors, innovation directors, incubator directors or intrapreneurship program supervisors, partners in charge of an initiative.

Ingredients for Corporate Innovation

In order to innovate, enterprises need to leverage their available assets quickly and effectively, providing a context that is favorable to new ideas has been created and collaborators in charge of initiatives enjoy ample support. 

Corellis Innovation Pipeline


  • Corellis Innovation Pipeline
Being innovative

To encourage the emergence of initiatives on the part of their collaborators, Corellis helps its clients to create a context that is favorable for innovation. It supports them in defining and implementing the 6 pillars of innovation: governance, culture, manpower, strategy, ideas, process.

Doing innovation & activating business

Ideas that reach the market still have to follow way too often an informal and opaque pathway. Corellis helps collaborators to innovate by relying on its methodology for developing and implementing an initiative. For your company, this formal framework, combined with the experience of Corellis coaches, guarantees control of the risk linked to innovation.


Support for supervisors in the creation of an initial system for innovation, including the basic elements of an organized innovation function. Consolidate the system for innovation by supporting supervisors in the implementation of the pillars of innovation.

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In cooperation with the innovation director, define the reference guide for innovation in the company to prepare the management of an innovation portfolio. Manage a portfolio of innovations with various levels of maturity, based on qualitative and quantitative indicators for tracking performance and assistance in making investment decisions.

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Help innovation managers identify the right business opportunity based on collaborator ideas and implement a simple and effective methodology to pilot innovation.

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Help collaborators to innovate and activate their innovations: coaching, planning, User Experience / User Interface design, design, technological expertise, web and software development, testing and quality assurance.

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