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Corellis invents the connected products and services of your industries.

And manufactures them. With you.  .
Your ideas are our starting point

We turn them into concepts. Our work starts with your ideas, which may emerge from anywhere within your company, particularly from teams of professionals.

By challenging you

We work by boosting your teams in a spirit of positive support by engaging in team member coaching.

Let's work toward their success

We do this with a high level of engagement and a deep-seated desire to see your ideas succeed. We'll help you lead them on the path to success.

With method

We do this with a methodology that withstands the test of time, improved over the course of 10 years with each new experience.


We do this with you in workshops, a perfect opportunity to co-create, where we assemble stakeholders and our three competencies: Strategy, Design and Technology.

Think, Design & Do!

To support innovation from the idea to its activation, Corellis offers its competencies, bringing together strategy, design, and technology. 

Find models that create wealth for your business.

Oversight and strategic intelligence

Knowing and understanding your economic environment as well as its evolution is essential when you wish to define the strategic directions to take in order to innovate.

Value Proposition Design

Defining and formulating what your clients are willing to buy is of primordial importance when you are trying to create value. We explore possible value propositions and their potential with you.

Defining business models

We put to good use our experience of disruptive business models applied to interconnected products and services in order to explore with you those business models that will create and capture growth for your organization.

Imagine and design usages and experience

Imagine tomorrow's usages

Your ideas are the starting point for us to conceive of new uses together.

Design the experience

We design customer experiences that are intimately tied in with the values of the brand and the business models you intend to adopt.

Experiment to learn

With experimentation, we’ll test your innovations under real-world conditions and thus help you improve them all the way to market.

Choose the best technology, use it, or develop it

Technologies at heart of the digital transformation

Technologies are at the heart of the profound changes experienced in industries, from offers centered around products toward offers of products and services that are interconnected. These new offers rely on next generation platforms that combine technologies that are as complex as they are varied.

We remain free with respect to technological choices

The multiplication of new technologies (artificial intelligence, the internet of objects, blockchain, virtual reality, cloud, etc.) represent a challenge for any company that is looking to innovate. By choosing to remain independent, Corellis is in a position to support you in your choice and implementation of the best technologies.
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Corellis Innovate

Corporate proposal to support the various actors for innovation in the company

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Innovation Platform 

The new generation digital platform to pilot innovations within a portfolio logic 

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Lead to Customer Program 

The digital device that will allow sales force members to achieve a tremendous increase in their sales opportunities and improve performance in the field  

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Connected Trade Fairs

The best technology to create unforgettable brand experiences before, during, and after expositions 

What we’re most proud of

in 2017
• In 2017, we help 4 companies to improve their innovation efforts •
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• We did it with these technologies •
Marketing Automation
Augmented Reality
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Artificial Intelligence
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